Crosscode's Automotive CLM Datasheet Released.

CLM Datasheet

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These are some of the unique selling points that have endeared us to our clients. Primary amongst which is our ownership and commitment towards serving our clients to the best of our capabilities.

Key factors endearing us to our clients –

  • Single vendor and single point of contact and responsibility for all services related to addressing your customer call handling & communication needs through –
    • An end-to-end call center platform encompassing PBX to voice logger to agent desktop to softphones.
    • Intelligent self-service enabled IVR systems which are capable of both Speech and DTMF inputs.
    • Intelligent business process applications like CRMs, ticketing platforms, call trackers and other custom built enterprise applications.
    • Critical CTI layer applications like cross-platform adapters / connectors for disparate legacy PBX and application (CRM/ERP/Speech) platforms.Automated outbound dialing and SMS service to customers.
  • Vast experience & high expertise levels in application / product development in telecom, contact centre domain.
  • Approach and focus is always to understand and resolve the pain areas of the client, hence our solutions and implementations are always economical, efficient and most importantly, very effective.
  • We are driven by a sense of ownership towards our clients.