Crosscode's Automotive CLM Datasheet Released.

CLM Datasheet

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BALM - Business transformation platform

Business Automation & Lifecycle Management is an enterprise wide incident / event tracking platform which allows for registering, assigning, tracking and updating each and every event or incident through its lifecycle till its resolution. It can be implemented for various business processes like customer lifecycle management, sales automation, complaint management, etc.






Key features
  • Micro-level configurability allows an exact fit to your requirements from the platform
  • Seamlessly coupled with Crosscode’s CommTEL Call Center Platform
  • Scalable & modular architecture allows for rapid ramp-up & plug-n-play of features
  • Easy to integrate with SMS gateways or alternatively can use GSM modems for SMS
  • CommTRACK is High-Availability ready with built-in failover mechanisms
  • User interfaces have been designed with the logical flow of ticket in mind, thus leading to easier training & quicker adoption by users
  • Platform comes with a robust & intelligent rule & escalation engine that can be configured easily using a intuitive UI
  • Admin interfaces are comprehensive & ‘to-the-point’. Focus has been to make the tools & dashboards accessible with fewest clicks
  • Propagation of tickets to “owners” is single-step & linear, leading to faster resolutions
  • Real time alerter service is part of the platform which can be used to broadcast critical messages across all users
  • Can be used in different avatars – call based, counter based, kiosk based, Web based
  • Standard and customizable reports are available
  • Easy to integrate with enterprise applications like SAP, Siebel, Salesforce, etc
  • 24x7 support desk by CommTRACK’s developer team, hence support is fast & effective, without any loops or dependencies
  • Easy to integrate with enterprise telephony platforms like Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, etc
  • A commercial model that can scale with growth in requirement, thereby mitigating risk