Crosscode's Automotive CLM Datasheet Released.

CLM Datasheet

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An introduction to Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) for automobile dealerships ...

Customer relationship can no longer be maintained using a CRM tool that is a data capture & data display tool with frills. You need an intelligent enterprise wide information backbone that spans across your operations and empowers you to get closer to your customer.

After all customer loyalty is not about delivering a single experience of customer delight, its about consistently, and continuously pleasantly surprising your customer with each and every experience that customer has with you and then repeat this with each and every customer you have!

As you can understand, it is only possible if have well defined processes, a motivated team and an intelligent enterprise wide customer lifecycle management backbone.

Key achievements for CLM platform implementation specifically for automobile dealerships -

Achievements or benefits from CLM platform

Data accuracy

  • Data in CLM DB is 100% correct – contact number is updated, call will always reach the owner of the car, address is up-to-date, email ids are up-to-date.

Consistent data

  • Data in CLM DB does not have any ambiguity and is consistent and reliable for all time to come.

Data security

  • CLM is the central repository of all and every data. No data is lost irrespective of the data being correct or not. Only authorised access to data is allowed which is tracked / audited as per user name and time stamp.


  • Being web services based, all branches of the dealership can simultaneously login and work on CLM, hence for the management it is ONE seamless interface and information source for the entire dealership network.

Remote access

  • CLM can be accessed not only within office premises, but also remotely. Hence the management or authorised personnel can access information from CLM irrespective of their physical location.


  • Since CLM aims at streamlining processes to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness, it delivers a substantial boost to the productivity of various staff and operations. It has been seen to deliver >50% increase in process efficiency and productivity.


  • Even though the management always has a feel of the health of the dealership, but CLM gives then the data to validate that feel or pulse, which is critical for future growth.